Collection: Adani Bakhoor

Adani bakhoor (Aden’s incense in English) is a traditional artistic way of hand-making incense. Aden city, in the south of Yemen, is famous for its traditional scenting products like Adani Bakhoor and Oud Muatter (Perfumed Agarwood). Throughout history, Aden was known as the city of fragrance in the Arabian Peninsula. Merchants used to buy homemade Bakhoor and Perfumed Agarwood from housewives and the people who perfected this craft. Our grandmothers and mothers used to craft it. Now, this tradition is still alive and Teeb Aden is trying to pass it on.

Our Adani Bakhoor is made by combining high quality fragrant ingredients like agarwood, Gallnut, Onycha, musk, amber, spices and cooking them them with sugar. What distinguishes our three types of Adani Bakhoor is the specific luxurious carefully-chosen perfume oil blends that is added to each type.

We love to introduce you to our three different scents of Adani Bakhoor: Hanoof, with Oud perfume blends, Mayyasa, with Arabian perfume blends, and Layal, with Jasmine Sambac blends.