Collection: Perfumed Oud/Agarwood

Perfumed Oud, Oud Muattar in Arabic, is agarwood chips that are treated by a process of aging the natural agarwood chips while submerging them with different blends of selected classic Arabian fragrant oils. 

All our products are handmade with the finest exotic Arabian perfume blends. They are perfect for home scenting, meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy.

Depending on the type of the natural agarwood, the fragrant blend, time, and saturation of the chips, we get different aromatic scents. 

We love to introduce you to our three unique scents of perfumed agarwood. Malikati, made from large/medium chips of Marouki agarwood submerged and aged in a mix of Arabian and French perfume blends. Soltani, made from large/medium chips of Arian agarwood aged in traditional Arabian perfume blends. Haneen, made from small chips of Arian agarwood aged in perfume blends driven mainly by Jasmine Sambac.

If this is the first time trying our perfumed agarwood, our Trio Pack is your best choice to try them all.