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Give the gift of orient charm with Teeb Aden’s starter kit. For you or for a special person, this gift is perfect for Agarwood chips, Oud muattar, bakhoor, dukhoon and resin based incense lovers. This gift set/starter kit comes with everything you need to light your first piece of Teeb Aden incenses right away!

The gift set contains
• our best seller Trio pack agarwood collection
• a CHARCOAL incense burner (COPPER Crescent with Arabic letters CHARCOAL Burner
• an elegant stainless steel tong

The “Trio Pack” contains:
“Malikati” (10 g) Perfumed Oud from large chips of “Marouki” Agarwood.
“Soltani” (10 g) Perfumed Oud from medium chips of “Arian” Agarwood.
“Haneen” (10 g) Perfumed Oud from small chips of “Arian” Agarwood.

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Perfumed Oud, Oud Muattar in Arabic, is agarwood chips that are treated by a process of aging the natural agarwood chips while submerging them with different blends of selected classic Arabian fragrant oils. Depending on the type of the natural agarwood, the fragrant blend, time, and saturation of the chips, we get different aromatic scents. Heating those perfumed agarwood chips on a well-burnt piece of charcoal allows them to release their natural scent properties along with the new scents acquired from the perfumes blends. It is used for perfuming, homes and surroundings, meditation and relaxation, aromatherapy, and for ceremonial events.

Perfumed Oud must be burnt. Normally, well burnet charcoal is used in order to slowly release its lovely woody and fragrant scents. Also it can be placed in an electric incense burner. Do not use over high heat. Using quality incense charcoal is important.

With a homemade and handmade product, we try our best to make our product appears as shown in photos. Even though appearance may slightly vary, we guarantee you the same best quality of Perfumed Oud.

How to use:

A. Using Charcoal “Traditional Method”.
1. Start burning quality incense charcoal. Let it burn for at least 20 min to ensure slower burning processes for the Perfumed Oud.
2. Before placing the well burnt charcoal in your incense burner make sure that the burner is on a flat surface away from children and pets.
3. Place a small piece of Perfumed Oud on top of the burnt charcoal.
4. Smoke will slowly rise spreading the extra ordinary scent of our Perfumed Oud.
5. Let it burn until smoke stop rising.
6. Make sure that charcoal is out before moving the incense burner or discarding the leftover ash.

B. Using Electrical Incense Burner:
1. Before using, make sure to read the manufacturer manual to avoid any accidents.
2. Place the Perfumed Oud on the heating plate.
3. Turn on the burner.
4. If possible, keep the heat on the low setting, which will allow the incense to burn slowly and give out a scent for longer time.
5. Do not forget to turn off after.


1. Burn within sight, away from flammable objects, children and pets.
2. Burn on a heat safe surface.
3. Avoid drafts.
4. Do not move or touch while hot.


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